1. Innovative fiction for the 21st Century featuring creative typography and narrative design concepts.

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Philosophical Fictions

Simultaneity in the spacetime continuum

Issue 1
 21st Century Innovative Fiction 
We have room for 14 more Fiction pieces to complete Issue 1 which will be composed entirely of innovative fiction. Send us your most creative work!  
David Detrich         
Richard Beckham II
Steven Seidenberg

Tantra Bensko
Reid Matko
Gabriel Toupin

from The Convergence of Two Narrative Lines Ascending
A Mental Odyssey
from Itch
Party Time
from Christmastown
August 5 PM



Introductory Essay by 
David Detrich 

Philosophical Fictions: ​​

Simultaneity in the Spacetime Continuum

     Innovative Fiction Magazine features innovative fiction from contemporary authors who are setting the trend for typographic design with narrative techniques that place the novel in the context of modern art and Surrealism. My esthetic philosophy is that the innovative novel should be allowed to develop from the standard trade paperback format into an art conscious book design which will enhance esthetic appreciation for fiction. I am looking for innovative fiction that features typographical design as an expression of the narrator's artistic direction, where the typefont and the space of the page form an esthetic equilibrium, so that the innovative novel will have the necessary freedom to develop into a significant artform, both in narrative technique and design.
     In the first issue of Innovative Fiction Magazine entitled Philosophical Fictions: Simultaneity in the Spacetime Continuum, the trend has been for fiction that verges on philosophical simultaneity, each sentence interpreting the narrative position in relation to a double narrative, reminiscent of a technique discussed by Robert Delaunay in his book The New Art of Color: The Writings of Robert and Sonia Delaunay called simultaneous writing.  The philosophical fiction by Reid Matko Christmastown is an example of this literary technique. creating an awareness of simultaneous contrasts between the double narrative. 
     I have followed this direction myself in my long Surrealist novel Dream the Presence of the Circular Breast Starfish Topography with alterating sentences of objective and subjective prose, so that the novel can describe the extended action of the plot while including poetic and philosophical writing within the paragraph, a technique that is a type of simultaneous contrast, also creating a non-linear approach to narrative which I call achronological. The beauty of this technique is that it allows the narrator to include scenes from other time sequences which otherwise would be excluded due to their position in chronological time.
     Steven Seidenberg is also pursuing the direction of philosophical writing in the fiction from Itch, which is the beginning of a trend so I decided to name the issue Philosophical Fictions: Simultaneity in the Spacetime Continuum, where the novel has become a philosophical meditation on the phenomenology of each paragraph, including the sensory data that occurs to the mind in cognition is interpreted in a self-conscious attempt to express  a sequence of premises which form a literary narrative.  Since G.W.F. Hegel published The Phenomenology of Mind in 1807, fiction writers have been influenced by philosophical thought, so that the novel has become a form of conceptual abstraction. Innovative fiction with the addition of theory has become theoretical fiction, a way of wrting about linguistic, narratological, and philosophical concepts which give a greater semantic density to the novel.
     My excerpt from The Convergence of Two Narrative Lines Ascending is a theoretical fiction which consists of a dialogue on esthetic theory between the narrator D. and the waterfall with red hair, who is visiting the Upper Peninsula. This is a Surrealist novel written in minimal squares with variations in type font that can be read from left to right,  so that the reader can learn a new way of reading which should add to the esthetic pleasure of the text. Once again the novel considers the philosophy of Hegel, Husserl, Heidegger, and Derrida, with many of the concepts of ontology: essence, being, and identity becoming the 
the geometrical facets of the squares creating a narrative structure that is 

A Discussion of Robert Delaunay

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  1. We invite authors to submit innovative fiction that features typographical design which will enhance the esthetic pleasure of the text, and narrative strategies which explore the metafictional awarenss of text as fiction. Our goal is to introduce two new series of innovative novels: the Innovative Fiction: Avant Garde Novel series which will feature innovative fiction with typographical design in a fine art context, and second the Surrealist Star Clustered Illuminations: Avant Garde Novel series which will use creative book design for the Surrealist novel. DAVID DETRICH Editor

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If you are interested in participating in Innovative Fiction Press, either as a Novelist, Artist, Editor, Publisher, or Investor, I would be happy to hear your thoughts. The idea of Innovative Fiction Press is to have fun and make some money through online sales while creating two new Series of avant garde novels.
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Cover art a la Hopper (2010) by Clinton Van Inman
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