H by Philippe Sollers: Unpunctuated Prose as Polysemantic Narrative Technique

David Detrich

Friday, July 24, 2015

Equus Press of London announced the publication of the English translation of H by Philippe Sollers, translated by Veronika Stankovianska and David Vichnar, and first published in the Tel Quel series in 1973. H is an innovative novel written in unpunctuated prose that sets the trend for the avant garde novel with the use of a continuous series of words which are grouped into polysemantic phrases that may involve multiple nuances of meaning. 

The Equus web page states that "Philippe Sollers’ groundbreaking 1973 novel, H, was inspired by the May 1968 Paris student/worker uprising," and the protests in Paris, and around the world have inspired literary works which are themselves transcending the reality of political events. Philippe Sollers has written novels that exist in potential that become part of an intertextual consciousness.

“A work exists by itself only potentially, and its actualization (or production) depends on its readings and on the moments at which these readings actively take place.”

I await the reading experience of H which has fascinated my mind for years with the freer form of unpunctuated prose which liberates the novel from conventional meaning while playing upon the complexity of a larger semantic structure.

"I am happy to see this translation of H (1973) by Philippe Sollers which set the trend for innovative fiction written in unpunctuated prose. The translation of H should be another major event in the history of the French avant garde novel which explored philosophical and abstract expressionist esthetic theories in the experimental decade of the 70s."

                                                              David Detrich

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PHILIPPE SOLLERS‘s writings in English translation include A Strange Solitude, The Park, Event, and Women. 

H by Philippe Sollers

ISBN 978-0-9931955-0-1. Paperback.

172pp. Publication date: May 2015. Equus Press: London.
Price: € 8.00 (not including postage).