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  1. Big Sur Marvels & Wondrous Delights
Excerpt from Big Sur Marvels & Wondrous Delights
Clouds of Butterflies
Fiction by
David Detrich
Dearest love clouds of butterfly palette with trees of light, and many colors filming the sky abreast. Waters flowing from the sea in waves of deep blue, thus the flowering of love lingering with hearts sacred somnolence sublime. Your hair a wave of silken stallions climbing upwards, milk white textures stroked across waves of silent gallery space, this infinitely cedar sand in ivory. Circumference of the circle/
Juniper berry and purple snap dragon, near the tumultuous nebulosity of Bridal Veil Falls. Concentric circles.
Radiant sun emerging through the gray of blue mists, India ink calligraphic waves of curved deep waters, the frigate flying colors & all. The galaxy spiralling strata of fauna and fern, this glaciation of time’s passing a human skull held up in the soft diffuse light. Indentations in the form of a symbol on the cerebral sphere, as somewhere in ages past the formation of a teardrop lingers opening deep wellsprings onto the infinite.
Your hair on the horizon shadowing the oncoming knight. A portfolio of dreams in photogenic jeans prancing the dance of the sidewalks, this violet blue aura flows through the heart of the composition. St. Stephen arriving on the shores in realtime as we await. The table sketched in here. A beautiful young woman.
We are within the warmth of this blanket far beyond the sphere. These silent hills spilling the Milky Way into the darkness, ivory curving into starlight. Angelic voices speaking through the divine presence, the Annunciation a line of golden thread leading out of the labyrinth. Clear ringed with spheres of light, concentric, renaissance perspective of two lines converging on infinity. Hovering on the horizon, invoicing the articulate night.
Within the sound heartbeat, drifting in the snow white sleep of moonlit milk. The sound of your breath, dreams of distant constellations. I meditate in the evening’s gray wash of watery satin, smooth white skin in the falling veils of moist crystalline water droplets. 
Through binoculars Jupiter above, and the comet's trail, while a female apparition girl woman shadow figure moves through the clouds, this forest illumined with spirit. Chocolate chalk o'lake meditating on the silent hills, the blue skies encompassing this vast space of the canvas. The trail leads up towards the sky, this healing heart feels a sense of joy and well being. 
Spinning galaxy above radiant, looking within, Indian feathers engendering this perfected form. Leather tan in the twilight, by candlelight the stars above. Music opens the spirit onto the infinite, lighting the page of the book. Dance across the water in a fluidity of motion ascending into the luminous light/ pyramid and hieroglyph of the queen's train. Sky formations of tree verticalities, free violet pistils of mirroring wet chasms. Topographic contours of kelly green hills of vale and hearthside, waves of grass moistened in a kiss across time.
Birdsong echoes in the forestation of the concert hall inner sanctum, the bard with lyre lilting loving O the waves! Conversant with the Lord, bowed strings and candle flame, the wind at the windows reflected dream sequence. The jaguar calm and purring. The Indians passing the peace pipe in times of unanimous Thanksgiving. At the trading post departure of the US Mail, while life on the island becomes a child's footsteps on the wooden floor. 
The evening sky through binoculars, Omega Centuri a distant globular cluster. A mellifluous blonde dancing naked across the dome of the sky mapped with glistening signification. A golden braid entwining souls, her pink tipped breasts perfect in the soft light.
Meditations on the inner light of river flow and waterfall, as the future reveals itself in timeless sands of simultaneity. Wildflowers and distant cities fading into curves of sand, and the evolution of the shoreline rising up in a rainbow palette, heartbeat. Space of the page alive with color, envisioning, becoming. Your eyelids in the sunlight, and the creamy milkshake color of your tan lines, as a bikini is tossed to the side. Multifaceted this palette of kiss.
This way to the Museyroom Ladles and Gentlemoan. The skeleton of a ship, and a treasure chest with gold doubloons. Here a reflector mirror from a lighthouse. Turn up the century ship design as you walk through the fine oak of the louvered doors, schooners with sails stretched taut, as satiny strokes of moist acrylic flow across the canvas. Two deer grazing at dusk, freckled and graceful in motion, while I sit on the porch reading a novel. The sky a gradual pink fading to the ideal azure of electric blue, as fiction becomes a conscious moment.
Big Sur Marvels & Wondrous Delights
A Novel by
David Detrich
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Big Sur Marvels & Wondrous Delights
A Novel by
David Detrich
An innovative first novel that takes place in Big Sur where the relationship between the narrator and Sunshine lasts through a year of massage in the sunlight, hot tub bathing at Esalen, and the quiet introspective hours spent reading and writing on the mountain peaks of Big Sur. Written with a metaphysical perspective on life evolving from years of hiking the Sleeping Bear Dunes in northern Michigan, the novel includes fiction, poetry, and journal writing with color photos of Big Sur.
(2001) Sale price is $12.00 with Free Shipping for a large paperback book.